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Kentish Town Integrated Care Centre

A competition winning integrated care centre - 3,829 sq m of accommodation space that makes use of renewable energy and has a 'green' roof

When the competition winning Kentish Town Integrated Care Centre opens in early 2009 it will provide superb accommodation for the Primary Care Trust (PCT) and GP practice to develop and improve their services across Camden.

A prime example of the type of improvement that has been enabled by the LIFT initiative, its construction follows years of persistence by Camden PCT and GPs to replace a previous building that was well beyond its economic life.

"I am delighted that we now have formal agreement to proceed with this exciting and ground breaking scheme. We have built an effective partnership between CICS and the Primary Care Trust and between us we are now developing a 21st Century Care Centre which will offer high quality services close to home for local people." Said Rob Larkman, Chief Executive of Camden Primary Care Trust.

The model for delivering the services from the new Integrated Care Centre will be at the forefront of Primary and Community Care in the UK. The General Practice is already recognised by the Department of Health as an example of innovative and leading edge service delivery. The new centre will allow further development of the model, for example by allowing more integration of services, and by extending the community involvement with
the centre.

We anticipated the current agenda for public buildings, for example:

  • We are making use of renewable energy
  • We are incorporating a 'green' roof 
  • We are increasing community involvement both during the development phase and in how the centre will be used
  • The new centre will not only be bigger than the previous one, it has been designed to facilitate integrated working and modern working practices

This is the fourth in a series of developments planned for Camden & Islington, the project aims to enhance the health and well-being of patients and staff, whilst at the same time being flexible and adaptable in order to meet the future changing demands of community-based health and social care.

The developments are part of a Public Private Partnership agreement between Community Solutions for Primary Care (CSPC), Partnerships for Health (PfH), Camden PCTand Islington PCT.

The 'LIFTCo' that was formed as a result of this agreement (Camden & Islington Community Solutions Limited) has entered into a 25 year Lease Plus Agreement with the PCTfor the facilities.

Camden & Islington Community Solutions Limited will be responsible for the maintenance of external and internal fabric of the facility (Hard FM).

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Kentish Town Integrated Care Centre

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""The very existence of the new Ketish Town Health Centre is testament to what can be achieved when you have a real partnership between local people, GP's, Commissioners, Architect and Developers.""

Rob Larkman, Chief Executive Camden Primary Care Trust

Key Features

  • 3,829 sq. m of accommodation space
  • General medical services including a GP practice along with associated primary care teams (community nurses, health visitors etc) and administration staff
  • Secondary to primary care and community health accommodation including minor surger suites, community dentistry, podiatry
  • Accommodation for third party medical provider
  • Accommodation for Camden Council's Social Services teams